Carson Allen

In the music industry, shit never goes as quickly as planned/hoped! I wrapped up a very long month of writing In feb, and finally reached the point where we felt we had the best possible record Me Vs Myself could do. I flew back to Denver to wait for the business side of things to get sorted before we hit the studio to start tracking this new MVM record. Rather than sitting and wasting this creative wave that I’m on, I decided to team up with my good friend Gino C in Denver and write/record a record as Carson Allen. Iv decided to release my first song when the Facebook page I started hits 1000 likes. Http://
I plan on playing shows soon as Carson Allen and getting more music into your heads and hearts! Just know that MVM is still a band and about to record a record that’s gonna blow your dirty little minds!

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Once I get 1000 likes I’m posting a brand new song!

Help The Cause.. Part 2

So I posted a blog a couple weeks ago about my current financial situation I was put in after my few days in the hospital in dec. so many of you donated and some of you are continuing to donate. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for everything! Every bit helps…

For those that wish to donate, you can via PayPal..
The PayPal address is:

Thanks again for your nonstop support!

help the cause…

iv never been one to ask for help with things, but due to the fact the situation at hand is BEYOND my control, im reaching out to the people that already support me like no other! 

if you didnt know, on my last trip to LA i got very sick and ended up in the hospital for 2 days. being a fulltime musician has thee most amazing perks, but it also has HUGE downsides. the main being you dont get health insurance! so as you imagine, my bills are out of control. after auctioning off pretty much everything i have of value, and my savings, im far from getting these paid off.. the timing couldnt be worse with us about to hit the studio and start recording our debut full length. for me to be able to continue with 100% focus on my music, i need some help.

im posting the link to my pay pal below where people can donate.

you guys are and always will be thee best fans in the world, and i thank god every single day for you! 

thanks for everything   -Carson


Perfectly Wrong

Have you ever been in a relationship that was so extremely shitty, yet you loved every second of it?

I wrote this song soon after recording the “Seasons” EP.. But it never quite struck any sort of excitement. I had the majority of the vocals written pretty quick, and was trying to go for a pretty straight forward “relationship” song. One day I grabbed my guitar to work on this song and started playing it, not knowing I had a capo on the 3rd fret. And like that, from a stupid mess up, I realized everything I had written was perfect! I had just been playing it so low, that the vocals had no life. This was right before we hit the studio this last summer to track “Where I Am…” and this song was NOT on the list of songs to go on that EP. After showing jaron and nick, we realized it was a MUST that we release this song on that EP. And I’m so glad we did.

After we tracked everything for this song, we brought in a guy to record some B3 organ on the songs. When it came to this song, I feel the parts he played added such a fun element to the song. Not to mention the fun he added to the vibe of the studio.. Super crazy, yet a super funny guy!

All in all.. Perfectly Wrong went from being one of my LEAST fav song, to my fav song on the EP!

"here’s to you and I for being perfectly wrong"

"Before I Wake

This song gave me sooooo much shit! Musically, it came super quick and I knocked out all the music out in a couple hours, but lyrically I had no clue what I wanted to say, and how I was gonna sing it. A few days after getting the general musical idea there, we hit the road for a string of shows down the west coast. Between shows and during downtime I kept visiting this song. The line “summer came. in so many ways, it brought the west coast back to life” kept coming up. It was summer at the time and really seeing how the vibe on the west coast truly does change in summer, felt perfect. But that’s all I had. A few weeks later I stumbled into my bedroom after a LONG night of partying and I picked up my guitar and started playing this song. Right there in a damn near freestyle, I wrote the chorus. I decided I was gonna sing about the past year and how amazing it had been growing this dream w my best friends. I decided to re work the verses and smashed out all the lyrics that night. When it came time to hit the studio and demo the song, I started singing and really wasn’t happy with the lyrical direction of the verses. So I went back to the line I couldn’t get out of my head when I first started working on this song. I figured I’d sing about that amazing couple weeks on the road playing shows. And just enjoying every second of it. So that’s where the “iv been high for the past three night, I get lost inside the city lights” came from..

Now all I needed was a second verse… I vividly remember how frustrated I was trying to say what I wants to say in verse 2. We were up at William Cotrols studio… Wayyy up in the mountains and Nicholas and I decided to go for a walk. Bouncing ideas back and forth, I was like “well.. I sang about summer.. How about winter” and damn near ran back to the vocal booth and smashed it out. “winter came and stole us away.. To the best days of our lives” as for the line “and Iv been high for the past 3 nights.. Just watching time fly by”, I think it explains itself!

We played that song for over a year before we hit the studio in buffalo to record it.. Always been super proud of that song!

Ps.. It’s original Demo name was “Hit Fuck” ;)

All-American Rock n Roll

All-American Rock n Roll


Song on the verrrry first MVM recording:

I strive to be original
Still I am just a typical
Boy who drinks to find some hope
And takes these drugs to help him cope
at 22, these bones feel old
And every statement made is bold
My silver lining is really gold
Tell the devil he’s too late..
Iv already sold!

have you even bought the new record yet?

if not.. what the hell is wrong with you. everyone has $5.. the economy isnt that bad!! if you prefer hard copies, you can go to our webstore: and buy them there (yes we ship worldwide) or you can get it on itunes for only $4.95: just search “Me Vs Myself” and its called “Where I Am… Where I Want To Be” and go buy our other EP on itunes aswell.

"Where I Am… Where I Want To Be"

heres my entire purpose for starting one of these.. i want to go into detail, exactly what each and every Me Vs Myself song means to me, what was going on in my fucked up head when writing them, and what i hope the world takes from each song. since its extremely fresh in my mind, im gonna start with our brand new record “Where I Am… Where I Want to be” and everything that went into this record. then ill break it down to individual songs!

so much to say about this 5 track record… since starting this band, i/we have yet to stop writing. whether its on a bar napkin opposite the side of a girls phone number given to me the night before, or into my iphone, or beaten into my brain over and over so i dont forget, writing never stops. “Seasons” was a learning process for me… we were still learning to work as a team, adjusting to me as a new guitarest and song writer. but i think all of that made that record special. this new record was different! we had a couple years under our belts and really fine tuned our sound. as everyone knows, we were MID writing for a full length record when the idea of dropping an EP came into play. so we had an insane amount of songs to choose from. as a songwriter you have these weird connections with your songs… i thought long and hard for weeks, thinking what songs need to be on this EP. im pretty sure at one point the list i had didnt have any of these 5 songs on it. but once this track listing came up, we knew it was solid. 

so we have the 5 songs we want to track and now need someone to record it… as most know, our buds in The Goo Goo Dolls have been so extremely amazing to us, and have had us out to their studio in buffalo before. their in house engineer, Justin Rose, was someone we hit it off with from day one. not only is he so stupidly talented, hes super fast. we hit justin up and talked about how we needed to do this asap, and we wanted to do it with him. so a couple weeks later, we were on a jet headed to the east coast.

the solid week we spent recording this record was unreal! Sex, Drugs, Jack Daniels… LOTS OF JACK DANIELS! and of course ROCK n ROLL! im pretty sure sleep is the only thing we didnt really do. since we had been playing these songs for a year already, the tracking process was super smooth! this was the first time in my musical career that we actually finished with time left to kill. it was, to say the least, a dream session…

out of that party of a week, came “Where I Am… Where I Want To Be”, the record im so extremely proud of!